Group behind “La Boum” planning test event on 15 May in Brussels

Group behind “La Boum” planning test event on 15 May in Brussels
Bois de la Cambre Credit: Belga

"L'Abîme", the group behind organising the unauthorised gatherings in Brussels’ Bois de la Cambre, has planned to hold a “La Boum Test” on May 15 at the same location.

Following an announcement on Monday from the collective that it had applied to the Brussels police for authorisation for a new event entitled "La Boum 3" on 29 May,  the Federal Home Affairs minister Annelies Verlinden said they could meet to create a test event. 

“Annelies Verlinden spoke about the possibility of classifying the event as a test event. We think the minister's idea is excellent. So we are looking for volunteers to attend a party without health measures, of which a percentage will need to undertake a viral test before and after the event,” the Facebook page stated.

Verlinden had retracted this comment after both the cultural and hospitality sector had criticised her, however, the organisers took her at her word. 

Belgium’s Consultative Committee had decided last month that some 30 large-scale test and pilot events will be organised over the coming months to look into how the sports, culture, and events sector can safely restart.

"L'Abîme" is now intending to organise its own test event as a prelude to "La Boum 3", of which the Brussels police are now examining the request they received from the group. 

On the same day, 15 May, the "World Wide Demonstration for Freedom”, a demonstration during which participants "will walk, sing and dance in the streets of the woods",  is also expected to take place in the Bois de la Cambre.

The group has distanced itself from “La Boum Test” on its Facebook event page.

Last Saturday, thousands of people flocked to Bois de la Cambre for "La Boum 2", which resulted in 132 arrests, the police evacuating the park, and using water cannon, as people were not following the coronavirus fighting measures.

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