Belgium's 'breast places' for breastfeeding on new map

Belgium's 'breast places' for breastfeeding on new map
Credit: Canva

A new map showing the 'breast places' for nursing mothers who are looking to breastfeed or pump milk in a quiet and safe place without judgement has been published as part of a campaign to break taboos in the country.

Created by Elvie, a company that creates innovative female-only and maternity tech, the online map provides a collection of breastfeeding locations for women across Brussels and Flanders.

It includes various types of locations, from coffee bars and restaurants to shops, where parents can find extra facilities to feed their babies, and just about any public place can apply to become a Breast Place, as it requires no major adjustment to a location.

A similar map had already been set up by the government to indicate that nursing mothers are welcome to feed their babies in certain establishments.

This project comes alongside the installation of the first breastfeeding bench in Belgium, which aims to help break the taboo around breastfeeding and to encourage women to breastfeed in public.

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