Most of France, parts of Italy turn red on European travel map

Most of France, parts of Italy turn red on European travel map
Credit: Olivier Darny/Pexels

The map of Europe is turning more red again for travellers from Belgium, as several regions and countries change colour in the latest update by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

According to the latest changes, the regions of Normandy, Grand Est and Pays de la Loire in France are now red, joining the dozens of others that already had that colour, which means that the risk of infection is now considered “high” by the Belgian authorities.

Spain remains completely red, and the Italian regions of Tuscany and Le Marche are now red for the first time this year. In Greece, Central Greece and the North Aegean Islands are now also red.

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The whole of Iceland and Estonia have become red travel zones as well, along with the Swedish region around Stockholm and the Finnish capital city, Helsinki.

Additionally, the region of North Jutland in Denmark also turned red.

The change to red means that travellers who are not (fully) vaccinated, have to undergo a PCR test on day 1 of their return, and quarantine until they have a negative result.

Those returning from a green or orange zone do not need to be tested or quarantined.

However, all travellers wanting to enter Belgium after more than 48 hours abroad are required to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), regardless of the colour code of the zone they return from.

Since 1 July, the colour codes no longer matter for people who are fully vaccinated or recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection, as they do not have to get tested or quarantine upon return to Belgium, according to the Belgian authorities.

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