Using Covid pass for weddings or private events 'goes too far,' says Jambon

Using Covid pass for weddings or private events 'goes too far,' says Jambon
Credit: Belga/Juliette Bruynseels

The Covid Safe Ticket, which can be required at outdoor events from today, should not be made mandatory at weddings or other small private events, according to Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon.

From 1 September, the Covid Safe Ticket can also be used for indoor events, but some people are calling for it to be used at weddings, staff parties, and other private events before September.

The federal government parties CD&V and Vooruit have endorsed this, but the Liberals and the Greens are against it and Jambon is not a big fan of the concept either.

"It is going too far for me," he said on Flemish radio on Friday, referring to a system such as that in France, where a Covid Pass is now also required for weddings or in bars and restaurants.

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Like the EU Digital Covid Certificate, Belgium's Covid Safe Ticket allows people to prove that they are fully vaccinated, have a negative test result, or recovered from the virus within six months.

"Actually, the line that we as the Flemish government defend is that you can introduce [the Covid Safe Ticket] at events that normally also work with entry tickets," Jambon said. "That is where I want to make the distinction."

From today, the Covid Safe Ticket can be required by organisers of outdoor events with at least 1,500 people. But Jambon has endorsed the Ticket's use for smaller events, providing that they require an entrance ticket anyway.

"I think you always have to leave the choice to the organisers: either you introduce this additional control of the Covid Safe Ticket or you organise the event according to the guidelines, with distance and masks," he said."

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