Belgium in Brief: How Do You Eat Your Vegetables?

Belgium in Brief: How Do You Eat Your Vegetables?
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Do you eat vegetables? 

I'll assume that's a yes. Good job.

Ok, but do you eat meat? 

More than likely, some of you just said no.

This seems like a big shift that kind of snuck up. When I was young I knew one vegetarian. Today, plant-based diets are so commonplace that it seems strange to look back on times before that was the case.

Even when I take a step back and look at my own diet, I realise days can go by where I don't eat meat. This isn't a conscious choice, it's just that the variety of alternatives on offer frequently tempt my fancy.

The days of the vegetarian option being an afterthought (half an iceberg lettuce, maybe a mushroom?) are long gone, and the news that Belgium is home to some of the best-ranked restaurants that put vegetables in the spotlight has me thinking I need to know more. 

So, vegetarians (or not) of the world. What's your secret recipe?

Let @johnstonjules know (or email me

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1. Covid Safe Ticket will remain red for 11 days after a positive test

Following last week’s revelation that anyone with a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) that subsequently tested positive could still obtain a green CST in their CovidSafeBE app, the system has now been updated. Here's more.

2. Fatal cycling accident in Ghent raises safety concerns with tram tracks

Photo by Helen Lyons/The Brussels Times

A 35-year-old cyclist who fell on wet tram tracks in Ghent died from his injuries last month, raising concerns about a city whose tram accident figures are among the worst in the world. Here's more.

3. Skiing in Austria only possible with Covid-19 pass

The Austrian government announced its winter tourism plan on Monday, stating that people will only be allowed to ski on the country’s slopes if they can present a coronavirus pass. Read More.

4. Prime Minister De Croo visits goat farm for Agriculture Day

For Agriculture Day this past Sunday, Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander de Croo visited a goat farm in Kruibeke in East Flanders and expressed his support for the agricultural sector. Read more.

5. Five police officers injured after traffic check incident in Brussels

The Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirmed that an incident took place but gave no further comment; a video of the attack has appeared online. Read more.

6. How Car Free Sunday in Brussels compares to a normal day

Data from Brussels Environment on Car Free Sunday 2021 shows a noticeable drop in air and noise pollution in some of the busiest parts of the city – with published data showing a direct comparison between one of Brussels’ busiest intersections on a normal day and one without cars. Read more.

7. Over 65,000 cigarette butts collected in Brussels on Car-Free Sunday

Car-Free Sunday not only gave pedestrians and cyclists a chance to take in the charms of the capital’s streets without the nuisance of motorised vehicles, it also provided a prime opportunity for litter to be collected by some 250 volunteers. Read more.

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