Vaccination or recovery certificate will be required on Belgium's PLF from Monday

Vaccination or recovery certificate will be required on Belgium's PLF from Monday
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People who are vaccinated against or have recovered from the coronavirus will soon have to prove that they have the correct certificates via the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) when returning to Belgium after a trip abroad.

Currently, returning travellers are asked to indicate whether they have a vaccination or recovery certificate, after which the necessary documents are checked during a possible border check.

But from Monday 11 October, it will be mandatory to prove via the PLF form whether (returning) travellers have recovered or have been vaccinated, announced Karine Moykens, chair of the Interfederal Testing & Tracing Committee, at the weekly press briefing on Friday.

This can be done in two ways: people can add a screenshot or a PDF version of the QR code to the form, or they can opt to enter the code of the certificate themselves.

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Those who are not vaccinated or have not recovered from Covid-19 still need a test, but the data from a negative test result do not have to be entered, since the government also immediately has that information, says Moykens.

From 18 October, it will also be possible to start completing the PLF in the CovidSafeBE app. That way, the certificate is uploaded automatically.

Additionally, Moykens pointed out that the PLF can only be completed digitally as of 1 October, and emphasised that this can be done up to 180 days before arrival in Belgium, for people staying abroad for a long time, for example.

"That gives everyone enough time to fill in the document, even if they do not have a computer or a smartphone," she said, adding that people who cannot complete the form themselves can turn to their travel organisation or the municipality for help.

Recently, the CovidSafeBE app was also updated: people who have a recovery or vaccination certificate but still tested positive for Covid-19 will get a red screen when scanning the QR code.

"So they are temporarily not allowed to attend events and must respect the quarantine. This adjustment makes it possible to keep events safe," Moykens added.

More information on filling out the PLF up to 180 days in advance can be found here.

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