Brussels mayors want 'clear rules' for controls on Covid Safe Ticket

Brussels mayors want 'clear rules' for controls on Covid Safe Ticket
Credit: Belga

The mayors of the 19 Brussels municipalities ask the Joint Community Commission (Cocom) to formulate clear rules on the control of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in the Capital Region.

Brussels will expand the use of its CST from 15 October, meaning that anyone over 16 years old will have to present a valid CST to gain access to a bar, restaurant, gym or museum, for example.

The ordinance about the CST stipulates that the control is entrusted to the mayors, but up til now, it remains largely unclear how that will happen.

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Now, the mayors are asking the Cocom, which is responsible for health policy and the coronavirus rules in Brussels, for "clear rules so that the control and verification of [the CST] can be done easily."

Additionally, the mayors also want the staff of the municipalities or municipal non-profit organisations to be able to monitor the CST, to carry out the ordinance in the best possible way.

Lastly, they ask Cocom for financial and human resources to be able to put the CST measures into practice, which are especially needed for the controls in the health care institutions.

"As municipalities, we cannot hire extra staff to check on those centres all day," Vincent De Wolf, mayor of Etterbeek and chair of the conference, told Bruzz.

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