Jette libraries start giving plants away with books

Jette libraries start giving plants away with books
Credit: Canva

Visitors to libraries in the Brussels municipality of Jette will soon be able to pick up a free plant along with a book, thanks to the new Plantotek initiative.

The plants are available to everyone with a library card but are limited to five per year (three outdoor plants and two indoor) from the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking libraries, which are working together for the new initiative, Bruzz reports.

Events and workshops will also be held in the municipality to teach everyone how to look after their new plants. "Sowing, repotting, preparing substrate, the tricks of the gardening trade will soon have no more secrets for you! Learn to grow your own vegetables, herbs and other edible or ornamental plants."

The idea came from Stéphanie Weisser, an employee of the French-language library, who looks after the plants on a daily basis alongside other staff. 

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To ensure the scheme's longevity, the libraries will hold on to "mother plants" to take cuttings for new plants that are slowly overtaking the libraries.

The initiative is also encouraging people to bring in cuttings from their plants to exchange with others.

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