Belgium moved on to list of 10 countries of 'very high concern' by ECDC

Belgium moved on to list of 10 countries of 'very high concern' by ECDC
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The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic continues to deteriorate and is considered of "very high concern" in ten countries and "high concern" in thirteen others, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said on Friday.

"At the end of week 44 (week ending Sunday 7 November 2021), the overall epidemiological situation in the EU/EEA was characterised by a high and rapidly increasing overall case notification rate and a low but slowly increasing death rate," the Stockholm-based European agency summarized in its latest country overview. "Case notification rates, death rates, and hospital and ICU admissions are all forecast to increase over the next two weeks."

Compared with the previous week, four countries (Belgium, Finland, Liechtenstein and Poland) moved to a higher category, five countries (Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden) moved to a lower category, and 21 countries stayed in the same category.

The "very high concern" countries are:

  • Belgium,
  • Poland,
  • The Netherlands,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Croatia,
  • The Czech Republic,
  • Estonia,
  • Greece,
  • Hungary,
  • Slovenia.

The "high concern" countries are:

  • Austria,
  • Denmark,
  • Finland,
  • Germany,
  • Iceland,
  • Ireland,
  • Latvia,
  • Liechtenstein,
  • Lithuania,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Norway,
  • Romania,
  • Slovakia.

Three countries (Cyprus, France and Portugal) are considered moderate concern and four (Italy, Malta, Spain and Sweden) of low concern.

These categories are calculated by combining the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths with the recent evolution of figures, the ECDC explains.

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Belgium's worsening prognosis already meant that it kept its dark red colour in the latest update to the ECDC’s map, which is updated weekly with colour codes based on the number of infections and the percentage of positive tests in the past 14 days.

Belgium's dark red colour indicates that more than 500 infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been detected over the past two weeks.

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