Flanders introduces ‘invisible’ speed cameras

Flanders introduces ‘invisible’ speed cameras
The invisible speed cameras have replaced the old ones on the A12 motorway. Credit: Belga

New digital speed cameras that are essentially invisible to the road user are being introduced on various roads and motorways in Flanders, Flemish Minister for Mobility Lydia Peeters announced.

The cameras rely on an “infrared flash,” which is invisible to people who are caught speeding, replacing the usual strong flashes that allow the cameras to capture the licence plates and are particularly visible at night, often resulting in drivers approaching the cameras slamming on their breaks to slow down.

So far, 34 such “safe cameras,” given this name as they don’t blind other drivers, have been purchased by the Flemish government, while another order for an additional 40 such cameras has already been placed, according to reports from Het Nieuwsblad. 

The new cameras have already been introduced on the A12 motorway between Antwerp and Boom, following some installation problems during several months.

Now, it is up to the police to ensure the cameras are fully operational, according to the Roads and Traffic Agency (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer). The police in Leuven announced that they would also be looking to introduce the infrared cameras.

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The introduction of the new cameras has been welcomed by the police, as they are not as visible, meaning the flash of light at night that can be seen from far away will no longer serve as a warning for other drivers who are speeding, and often slam on their brakes as a result of seeing the flash, which in turn can create traffic accidents.

Police officers also said this would also avoid situations in which people familiar with a certain route knew cameras weren’t working if the flash did not go off at night or in the evenings.

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