Belgium in Brief: A green boulevard into Brussels

Belgium in Brief: A green boulevard into Brussels
Credit: Brussels-Capital Region

Brussels has requested permission to transform the last stretch of the A12 motorway in the capital’s northern region into a green boulevard, leaving only one lane for cars.

The project, named Parkway 21, will restructure the 3km motorway at the edge of the Park of Laeken to create a mixed-use green area for all road users to enjoy – particularly those who are more vulnerable.

“The A12 will become a green, smooth and liveable gateway for everyone and will connect the parks of Laeken to form an almost unbroken green space,” said Elke Van den Brandt, Minister for Mobility and Public Works.

The future tram line 10 in Neder-over-Heembeek, which is an existing project by Brussels public transport company STIB, will make the area easily accessible to people living in the city.

The planned avenue, complete with cycle paths and walkways, will also see the number of car lanes cut down from three to one in the direction of the city centre with the speed limit also lowered. It is hoped that this green route into the capital will reduce traffic and encourage people to opt for less polluting forms of transport.

Where will all the cars go? What do you think? Let @johnstonjules know (or @maajtee, since she wrote it today). 

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2. A12 motorway into Brussels to become green boulevard

A12 motorway into Brussels to become green boulevard

The last stretch of the A12 motorway in the northern region of the capital could be transformed into a green boulevard, leaving just one lane for cars. Read more.

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