Coronavirus: hospitalisations remain stable, infections rise

Coronavirus: hospitalisations remain stable, infections rise
Covid-19 patient in hospital. Credit: Belga

A total of 2,174 people were hospitalised with the coronavirus in Belgium over the weekend, according to the latest figures from Sciensano on Monday.

There were 2,091 people hospitalised on Saturday, which rose to 2,174 on Sunday, a spokesperson for the country’s Minister of Health said.

The number of patients in intensive care remains stable at 391, but infections are rising as a result of the fast-spreading Omicron variant, with almost one-third of all coronavirus tests taken in the country turning out positive.

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While the weekly average number of hospitalisations remains stable at 200 per day, the seven-day average number of infections continues to rise, albeit less rapidly.

On 13 January, the date of the most recent consolidated figures, this average reached 25,809 daily infections, an increase of 38%. On that day, 30,013 infections were recorded.

Between 7 and 13 January, a total of 612,314 tests were carried out, of which approximately 31% were positive.

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