Brussels increases support for solar panels

Brussels increases support for solar panels
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Residents of Brussels with solar panels installed can expect to receive around 10% more green certificates for the electricity generated in 2022 than they did last year.

The Region wants to continue to guarantee the repayment of investments in solar over seven years, Bruzz reports, following advice to this effect from energy regulator Brugel.

In 2021, the number of green certificates (GSCs) for new solar panels in Brussels decreased by 20 to 46%, depending on the power category of the installation, to mirror the falling cost of installations over the last several years (in Flanders and Wallonia, green certificates were abolished back in 2014).

But now the subsidy will rise by around 10% for each category, as the cost of installing solar panels begins to climb again.

More expensive due to rising price of raw materials

“Energy regulator Brugel noticed that the cost price of the installations has increased due to the rising price of raw materials,” said Raphaël Boucquey, legal advisor for renewable energy at Brussels Environment.

“The aim is to be able to continue to guarantee a return on investment in solar panels within seven years thanks to the 10% increase in green certificates.”

The increase in the number of green certificates only applies to new installations from 1 January 2022, and is not retroactive.

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Going solar amid rising energy costs

Proponents hope that an increased subsidy will incentivise more Brussels residents to greenify their energy.

Another incentive is the exploding energy prices affecting Europe, which Belgium is hoping to cushion through legislation.

Under certain income ceilings, Brussels residents can get a green loan for the installation of solar panels with an interest rate between 0 and 2%.

Citizens looking to invest in renewable energy can check the potential of their roofs via the solar map of Brussels Environment, and get free advice tailored to homeowners, co-owners and SMEs.

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