Belgium in Brief: Eunice, Franklin... ça suffit

Belgium in Brief: Eunice, Franklin... ça suffit

Friday saw the arrival of Storm Eunice, whose formidable flurries did more than simply turn umbrellas inside out and see a few hats whisked away from their owners. Many areas had more serious concerns with trees unable to withstand the full force of winds in excess of 100 km/h and the resilience of roofs put to the test.

In Brussels, pedestrians and cyclists were sometimes scattered across sidewalks like bowling pins. Gallant police escorted shoppers across streets that funnelled gusts between buildings.

The sights were at times amusing although on Belgium's coast, conditions gave cause for alarm with some rather unamused roller coaster riders given more of a thrill than they bargained for as their carts became stuck at the top of the precarious structure. On Saturday, windspeeds dropped although parks stayed closed.

But just when we might have thought that was quite enough excitement for this month, Eunice morphed into Franklin with weather warnings issued across the country and more high winds battering the coast. With all the commotion, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that Belgium has now stepped down to code orange on its Covid barometer and figures continue to progress in the right direction.

Many were itching to shake off the stay-at-home blues and get back to the buzz of Belgian nightlife. But with the weather conspiring to dampen our spirits, let's hope that things will be brighter next weekend.

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