Diesel and Petrol hit all-time highs on Friday

Diesel and Petrol hit all-time highs on Friday
Petrol and diesel are becoming more expensive following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Credit: Pexels

The price of diesel and petrol at the pump are set to hit record highs on Friday, as the developing conflict in Ukraine destabilises global oil markets.

Diesel (B7) will rise by €0.16 to €2.0840 per litre, surpassing the €2 for the first time. It was only four months ago when diesel prices set records at €1.652 per litre of B7, The Brussels Times previously reported.

The price of Petrol 95 (E10) and petrol 98 (E5) have so far held steady at €1.869 and €1.977 per litre respectively.

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The cost of household heating oil has also increased drastically. 50S heating oil, on volumes under 2000 litres, reached €1,1662 per litre on Friday.

High oil prices are driving up fuel prices across the board and many households are struggling to cope with soaring energy bills.

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