Belgium in Brief: When waves become ripples

Belgium in Brief: When waves become ripples
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Yesterday, crisis management was on Alexander De Croo's mind as he spoke of the seemingly endless afflictions gripping the continent.  Of course, the barrage of blows – whether to public health, the economy, or international security – are inter-connected and it would be unrealistic to expect that they could be stamped out one by one.

Though Europe has got over the first sucker punches brought by the pandemic two years ago, the aftershocks will be felt for some time, with one of Belgium's premier virologists Marc Van Ranst today warning of yet another, albeit small, wave of infections.

The virologist was not at all alarmist in observing this latest ripple, acknowledging that it is to be expected since most public restrictions were lifted a couple of weeks ago. He qualified his use of the word "wave" – a term previously associated with a severe tightening of measures – with the acceptance that "virologists are always worried".

Certainly, despite Van Ranst's professional preference for caution, he has had far greater cause for concern – not least when he became the explicit target of Jürgen Conings – the armed extremist who triggered a weeks-long manhunt by Belgian military.

He stressed that there are not currently any plans to bring back restrictions but simply recommended that people take care, especially in crowded situations. And with flu numbers also rising, this is sage advice anyway and something that Van Ranst said has now become second nature for many.

So take it easy and let's hope that the warmer weather soon to come brings good health.

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