Namur is a joke: Belgian comedy festival attracts 8,000 visitors

Namur is a joke: Belgian comedy festival attracts 8,000 visitors
YouTube comedian Guihome (Guillaume Wattecamps) first founded the Namur festival in 2022. Credit: Belga

Belgium’s first ever “Namur is a joke” comedy festival attracted over 8,000 visitors on March 24-27, in what the organisers have described as a “frank success.”

The festival, organised by Belgian comedian GuiHome, took place in Namur, the official capital of Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia. More than 25 different comedians and acts from across Belgium attended the festival. The event included an appearance by GuiHome himself, as well as other acts and newcomers.

GuiHome, a native of Namur, made his start on YouTube where he produces amusing commentary videos for his audience of over 408 thousand subscribers. According to the young Belgian humourist, the festival had been a smash hit.

“With the event being filled up to 90% and with 17 packed-out performances, I can only be delighted with this first festival,” GuiHome said, “this is the start of a beautiful adventure.”

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The line-up of the festival included concerts, acts, debates, writing classes, and improv workshops. The event also hosted a stand-up competition held with a panel featuring Sarah Grosjean- a comedian known for appearing on Belgian comedy shows for RTBF and Pure FM.

The next scheduled “Namur is a joke” will take place next year on March 23-26 2023, with comedians Arnaud Tsamere and Laura Felpin scheduled to be in attendance.

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