French tourist town fines dog owners €750 for not picking up after pet

French tourist town fines dog owners €750 for not picking up after pet
Credit: François Gogglins

In Bergerac, the capital of a popular tourist region in southwestern France, dog owners can be fined up to €750 for not picking up after their pets.

“Bergerac wants to be clean and welcoming,” the town said in defence of the measure, which they added “ensures public safety and cleanliness.”

The municipal decree states that “it is compulsory for people accompanied by a dog to immediately pick up after the animal by any appropriate means” in streets, parks, gardens, and so on, as of 11 April.

Likely highest fine in France

The fine of €750 is probably the highest in France, according to Loïc Dombreval, a member of the majority of the French parliament who specialises in animal issues and is also a veterinarian.

“Dog messes can be a real scourge in some towns, and this ends up stigmatising dogs and their owners,” he told the AFP.

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The town hall also requires people to carry “at least two collection bags on daily walks” or face a fine of up to €38, although the bags themselves are distributed free of charge.

Bergerac is most likely wanting to preserve a clean image, given its economy is heavily reliant on tourism. The area is known as the capital of the "purple Périgord" because of the colour of its wine and the vines in autumn.

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