The history of modern Europe through posters

The history of modern Europe through posters
When Walls Talk exhibition will be on until 13 November. Credit: House of European History

From the propaganda of the two World Wars to the rise of tourism and social movements, the exhibition When Walls Talk! at the House of European History introduces the public to the history of Europe through 150 historical posters.

The exhibition features a selection from the extensive poster collection of the House of European History, totalling more than 5,200 pieces. When Walls Talk! focuses on the changing feelings towards Europe, reflected in the various parts of the exhibition, such as 'Tumult and unity', 'Barriers and connections' and 'Activism and protest'.

"Posters offer a valuable insight into European life and what it's like to be European, but they can also reveal dark stories about how society has been shaped by economic and political forces," explains chief curator Perikles Christodoulou.

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The exhibition also focuses on the poster as a medium. "Posters serve to inform but also to educate and even manipulate. They dominate public space, demand our attention and confront us with the ideas of our time," says Christodoulou.

Credit: House of European History

In addition to visitors interested in Europe from home and abroad, the museum also targets primary and secondary schools in Brussels and Belgium. Pupils can take part in free workshops on European history on site.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge until 13 November.

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