8 out of 10 Belgians feel homes cost too much

8 out of 10 Belgians feel homes cost too much
Credit: Belga

Belgians are famous for their affinity with construction but 84% feel buying a new home is too costly these days, due to inflation along with higher prices for materials and energy, according to an iVox poll published on Saturday at the opening of the Batibouw construction salon in Brussels.

Almost four out of 10 Belgians are in the process of building or renovating, have done so within the past two years or plan to do so this year, Belga News Agency reports. Energy is a key concern, with 63% of respondents preferring a home that is more expensive but sustainable to a cheaper, energy-guzzling one. Still, 38% see prices as their main concern.

The survey also shows that half of all builders and renovators feel information on rebates is hard to find and too complex.

Another key finding is that, since the pandemic, people attach more importance to comfort (58%) and outdoor spaces (58%).

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A quarter of Belgians find that they live too close to one another, according to the poll. A similar number (24%) feel frustrated by the space available to them, and 23% are not satisfied with the design of their housing.

One-third of respondents who did work on their homes said they had not originally intended to do so but did it because of the pandemic.

“The Covid-19 crisis confronted many Belgians with the importance of a comfortable, well-furnished home,” said Batibouw Director Frédéric Devos. “At Batibouw 2022, we have thus created new inspiration areas, where future builders and renovators will be able to see the exhibitors’ products in a realistic framework and draw inspiration from them for their current or future homes.”

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