'The View': Ferris wheel to return to Place Poelaert in Brussels

'The View': Ferris wheel to return to Place Poelaert in Brussels
Credit: Ugo Realfonzo / The Brussels Times

The View Ferris wheel will return to Place Poelaert on 18 June to give tourists and locals alike a birdseye view from the highest point in Brussels.

Owner René Bufkens has received a six-year urban planning permit for the permanent installation of the wheel. Previously, she received a three-month temporary permit to rebuild the wheel and to allow the municipality to inspect the construction before approval of the permanent permit. The installation will begin on 11 June, Bruzz reports.

The City Council of Brussels approved a wheel returning to the square a few months ago. Three companies submitted a proposal, but Bufkens’s was chosen in the end, the same wheel that has stood there before.

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The decision to bring the wheel back was made to entice tourists to come to Brussels and regain a pre-pandemic visitor count, Fabian Maingain, alderman of economic affairs, told Bruzz.

The 55-meter high wheel brings visitors to the highest point in Brussels. The wheel includes 42 cabins, one of which accommodates people with reduced mobility. It is open every day from 11:00-23:00.

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