Over 6.5 million Belgians use Itsme app 'thanks to Covid Safe Ticket'

Over 6.5 million Belgians use Itsme app 'thanks to Covid Safe Ticket'
Credit: Belga

Over the past year, the number of users of the Itsme identification app has doubled to 6.5 million – 80% of Belgium's population over 18 – mainly thanks to the Covid Safe Ticket (CST).

Currently, the application is used between 25 and 35 million times every month. Many people started using the app for the CST since its introduction in June 2021.

"Many Belgians found their way to Itsme via the CST. This convinced them of the value of the application, which they now continue to use," Stéphanie De Bruyne, CEO of Itsme, told L'Echo on Thursday.

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Itsme allows users to securely identify themselves on a site or an application, or to approve an operation, such as a banking transaction. The application is also used to sign documents online, using an electronic signature.

On average, users activate the application between six and eight times a month. Despite the phasing out of the CST, the success of the app continues. Between January and May 2022, it has already been used 135 million times – compared to 233 million transactions in the whole of 2021.

Over 1,000 government platforms and more than 250 companies across many different sectors (from banking over energy to human resources and notaries) offer Itsme as an identification method, and between five and ten companies are added to the list every month.

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