Unemployment decreasing in most Brussels communes

Unemployment decreasing in most Brussels communes
Credit: Belga.

Among its latest findings, Actiris (the Brussels employment agency) released a map of Brussels showing the evolution of the number of unemployed jobseekers per municipality.

On Monday, Actiris announced that the unemployment rate in Brussels had decreased for the 11th consecutive month, especially among young people, with the rate for 18 to 24-year-olds sitting below 20%.

Brussels now counts 84,475 jobseekers – 3,465 fewer than in June of last year. But Actiris wanted to go further and break down jobseekers by municipality in order to understand how each municipality's unemployment rate evolved since 2021.

This map of Brussels shows whether the employment rate rose or fell since last year, as well as by how much.

The best performing communes are Ganshoren and Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, with the number of job seekers falling by 8.8% and 7 %, respectively, in a year.

Then came Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, where the unemployment rate dropped by 6.7%.

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6 municipalities saw their unemployment rate drop by between 5 and 6%. Those were the City of Brussels, Evere, Ixelles, Jette, Koekelberg and the often maligned Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. They experienced decreases of 5.1%, 5%, 5.2%, 5.7%, 5.8% and 5.3% respectively.

The unemployment rate in Auderghem, Saint-Gilles, Saint-Josse (Brussels' poorest commune), Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, and Watermael-Boitsfort then fell by less than 4%.

Only two communes saw an increase in the number of unemployed job seekers in a year: Anderlecht and Forest.

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