Ryanair expects 'minimal' disruptions during winter strikes in Spain

Ryanair expects 'minimal' disruptions during winter strikes in Spain
Passengers boarding a Ryanair flight. Credit: Unsplash

Ryanair expects "minimal to no disruption" in Spain this winter, the low-cost airline said on Thursday. On Wednesday, two Spanish unions announced that strikes which Ryanair crew staged in June, will continue until January 2023 through regular 24 hour walkouts.

Spanish Ryanair employees went on strike on 24 June demanding improvements to their working conditions, following  calls from Union Syndicale Ouvrier and the Independent Union of Airline Crew.

Walkout until January

A six-day strike had originally been planned. The move affects all ten Spanish airports in which Ryanair is based and was extended until the end of the month. Planned strikes will continue until 7 January 2023 for a period of five months. The next 24-hour walkout is scheduled from Thursday 8 August till Friday 9 August.

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Although Ryanair expects 'minimal disruption', its employees are unhappy after it was announced that Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary is back to his pre-pandemic salary, while pilots are still working at 20% less than their pre-pandemic salaries.

The Spanish Ryanair employees join their Belgian and French colleagues on their walkout. Last weekend, the low-cost airline cancelled at least 69 flights after pilots went on strike for better working conditions.

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