Over 60% of Brussels residents could cycle to work

Over 60% of Brussels residents could cycle to work
Credit: Belga

Nearly one-tenth (9.6%) of Brussels residents cycle to work but that number could be a lot higher if inhabitants would combine their bicycles with public transport or a car: over 60% would then use their bike to commute.

A survey commissioned by Lease a Bike among 1,000 Belgian employees, 85 of them from Brussels, showed that the most common reasons for not going to work by bike are 'I live too far' (28.5%) and 'it would take me too long' (20.1%).

"Employers could support employees who live further away from work by offering bike leasing," Jaouad Auragh, General Manager of Lease a Bike, told Bruzz.

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If the distance were shorter, more than half of the surveyed Brussels employees (59.1%) indicated they would like to use the bike more often for their commute to work.

For Lease a Bike, this shows that many more people could opt for the bicycle if they combined it with other modes of transport: while over a quarter of employees (25.8%) would be able to cycle to work alone, four in 10 Brussels residents (40.8%) would be able to combine their bike with public transport.

For 7.8%, it is possible to make part of the home-to-work trip by car and bicycle.

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