Clearing the pavements: Stricter parking regulations for e-scooters

Clearing the pavements: Stricter parking regulations for e-scooters
A rogue e-scooter on Chaussée de Charleroi. Credit: The Brussels Tmes

Two operators of shared scooters - Dott and Tier - have further restricted the parking of scooters in some Brussels municipalities to prevent parking in the wild. A new system should prevent the scooters from being parked outside the designated parking zones, Bx1 reported.

In six Brussels municipalities, you can no longer just park a shared scooter everywhere. But while there are specific parking zones, wild parking often remains the norm.

In Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, people have had to park shared scooters in the parking zones since the spring to avoid a fine. The municipality can confiscate the scooter and also request an administrative sanction from the operators.

To avoid these fines, the scooter company Dott has set up a new system in consultation with the municipality. From now on, scooters can no longer be locked and therefore parked outside the designated parking zones. Tier would also have such a system in place.

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The Dott app currently has about 70 parking zones. "I think it will take a few days for people to get used to the change. Once it's integrated, you know where to pick up or park your vehicle, and in the end, it's more practical. But there is a transition period," commented Clara Philippot, responsible for Dott in Brussels to BX1.

However, the parking zones have not yet been optimised. For example, there are no road markings or other infrastructure designed for these specific parking zones. The scooters would thus too often be parked in places reserved for bicycles.

In addition, Dott's shared bicycles can no longer be clicked into place everywhere. When you try to park a bike outside a zone, the app refuses to close.

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