Car Free Sunday: Getting around without a car

Car Free Sunday: Getting around without a car
Credit: Belga.

As Brussels prepares for this year's edition of Car Free Sunday on Sunday 18 September, full details about the event and how it will impact residents and those visiting the capital have been published on the City website.

On Sunday, Brussels will become the largest car-free zone in Europe as the whole of the region will be closed to traffic between 09:30 and 19:00.

Anyone driving in Brussels on Sunday will be fined, although access to many of the streets will be temporarily blocked, other than for public transport, emergency services, disabled drivers and diplomatic corps.


Those who secured an exemption using an online form before September 9 are also permitted to drive on Sunday. Exemptions were only granted under certain circumstances and vary depending on the driver's place of residence.

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For example, those who do not live in the capital but intend to drive into Brussels on Sunday must apply to their destination municipality.

Parking and public transport

Public transport will be free throughout the day in Brussels, which will prove handy with traffic disruptions likely before and after 09:00 and 19:00.

Numerous parking lots on the outskirts of the city have been made available to motorists: Parking C in the City of Brussels, Brico PlanIt in Anderlecht, Ceria park and ride the Westland Shopping Centre in Anderlecht, as well as Crainhem in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

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