MolenGeek will expand activities to Morocco in November

MolenGeek will expand activities to Morocco in November
Credit: MolenGeek/Facebook.

As announced to The Brussels Times earlier this year, MolenGeek, the tech non-profit based in Molenbeek, will be expanding its activities and will soon set up an incubator in Casablanca, Morocco.

Launched in 2015, MolenGeek was set up by Ibrahim Ouassari to offer the youth of the Molenbeek municipality a chance of improving their employability, through receiving tech training and coaching sessions.

Since its inception, they have been able to work with various bigwigs of the digital sector such as Proximus, Samsung, Facebook and Google.

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As a result, their activities have been expanded to Antwerp and Charleroi, as well internationally to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands, as well as Padua in Italy.

Furthermore, in an interview given to the Brussels Times this year, Ouassari indicated that they would be expanding to other continents.

At the time, he had even hinted at a potential implementation in Morocco and on Friday, MolenGeek finally announced that they would be expanding to Casablanca in November.

They will be collaborating with state television channels in the country, and will train up the youth in the region up with tech skills for them to find work with Moroccan media.

The announcement was made during a trip to Morocco by the Region of Brussels' Minister-President Rudi Vervoort and International Relations Minister Pascal Smet, in the context of a working mission to the country by the government.

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