Rainy weather and active cold front this week marks start of autumn

Rainy weather and active cold front this week marks start of autumn
Brussels after the rain. Credit: The Brussels Times/Lauren Walker

The coming days will see Belgium covered by grey clouds and an active cold front that will bring sporadic periods of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

While last Wednesday marked the official end of Belgium's long and hot summer, this week's forecast will put to bed any hopes of an Indian summer. Monday will see some sunny spells in the morning but by noon an active cold front will move across Belgium from the coast, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

"During the afternoon, the active cold front will move further towards the southeast. This will be preceded by unstable sea air with occasional intense (thunder) showers in the evening and overnight," the RMI warned on its website. An active cold front also means temperatures will stay below 14°C.

By Monday afternoon, winds may reach 55 km/h in some parts of the country and temperatures will be a cool 9°C in the Ardennes and 14°C in the west.

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Tuesday will be largely cloudy with scattered showers, of which some will be very intense locally and could include thunderstorms. Temperatures will drop to between 10 and 13°C, which is chilly for this time of year, according to RMI.

Later in the week conditions will remain unstable with showers forecast every day and temperatures sitting around 13°C on Wednesday to 15°C on Thursday. Friday will start off quite dry but will cloud over in the afternoon, the clouds bringing rain. Maximum temperatures will be between 11°C in the Ardennes and 16 to 17°C in the centre.

However, the week will end on a good note, as the chances of sunshine will increase by Sunday afternoon, and temperatures are set to rise to around 18°C.

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