Traffic jams in Flanders up 27% since pandemic

Traffic jams in Flanders up 27% since pandemic
Credit: Jonas Roosens/Belga.

Latest figures from Statistics Flanders reveal a 27% rise in traffic jams in September 2022 when compared to during the Covid-19 pandemic, when public health measures affected how people travelled.

Statistics Flanders analysed the congestion severity, which assesses the average size of traffic jams, on major roads in Flanders for September 2022, the findings of which were released on Thursday.

The results show an estimated 917 kilometres of congestion every hour on weekdays in September 2022 (the equivalent of around 100 kilometres of traffic jams for an hour or 200 kilometres for half an hour).

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This figure is 1% higher than in September 2021 and 27% more than in September 2019, the final reference point before the pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, Antwerp and Brussels are most prone to congestion; in Antwerp congestion severity increased at a considerably faster rate in recent years, undoing much of the progress made during the pandemic.

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