New rail strike planned for 29 November

New rail strike planned for 29 November
Credit: Thierry Roge/Belga.

The “Common Front of Railway Workers” union has filed a strike notice for 29 November, it announced on Tuesday morning. The group of three railway unions will strike over “insufficient investment” by the Federal Government into the railway network following its latest budgetary talks.

“These decisions do not allow the ambitions for the development and sustainability of rail to be fully realised, particularly in the context of the conclusion of service and performance contracts for SNCB and Infrabel,” the group complained.

The unions have restated their demand for the government to step in and put an end to “the persistent deterioration of the working conditions of railway workers”, which it blames primarily on staffing issues.

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This summer, scores of trains were cancelled due to severe staffing shortages at SNCB, causing large delays to journeys across the country.

The rail unions complain of a “lack of positive prospects for all railway workers.” In June, SNCB and Infrabel announced that they would cut 2,000 jobs in the next ten years as a result of digitalisation and infrastructure investments.

The strike notice will extend from 22:00 on Monday 28 November until the same time on Tuesday 29 November.

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