First snowfall recorded in Belgium

First snowfall recorded in Belgium

The first snow has fallen in Belgium on Friday morning, in the Spa region in the Ardennes. An initial dusting of around three centimetres of snow cover covers the ground in the region and appears to mostly be holding.

Much of the snowfall was extremely localised. Even at the highest point in Belgium, the Signal de Botrange, snow had yet to fall on Friday, according to RTL Info.

On Saturday, the weather is set to be cold and dry. Much of the country will be very cloudy with the possibility of some brief clear skies over some regions.

Temperatures are expected to vary between -1 and 4℃, with the warmest temperatures in the Hautes-Fagnes region of Wallonia near the coast. A moderate east to northeasterly wind will reinforce the feeling of cold.

This is not the last of the snow forecast for December. In the Spa region, further flurries are forecast for Monday. In the capital, there is also the possibility of some intermittent snowfall. Temperatures will continue to fall towards the end of next week, leading to fresh snowfall in the Spa area and greater chances of snow across the country.

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In Spa, the snow has coincided with its annual rally race. The cold conditions have introduced a new challenge to the rally drivers, who have been pictured navigating difficult and icy conditions on Wallonia's country roads.

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