Activists glue themselves to runways at Berlin and Munich airports

Activists glue themselves to runways at Berlin and Munich airports
Last Generation activists on the tarmac in Munich airport last December. Credit: Last Generation Twitter account

Climate activists protested against cheap plane tickets by glueing themselves to the tarmac of two of Germany's largest airports in Berlin and Munich on Thursday.

Activists from the environmental group Last Generation urged the government to halt subsidies for air travel and instead boost cheap train offers.

Famous for its limitless autobahns, the activists also focussed attention on the impact that driving has on emissions – in particular calling for the imposition of a speed limit, which would help lower greenhouse gas emissions from cars.

(Translation: We are on the runway of BER and MUC ++ Adhesive, both on @MUC_Airport and on @berlinairport. We are directly opposed to the causes of the climate catastrophe - #ForEveryone.

Where are at least the first safety measures such as a speed limit or a €9 ticket?)

Local media report that flights at Munich airport were disrupted although local police later announced that the situation has been resolved. A spokesperson for Berlin airport said there are no longer any disruptions.

Police added that the demonstrators were being unglued from the runway in Munich airport and taken into custody.

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Activists on Thursday also put up roadblocks at several points across Berlin, according to Last Generation. By blocking runways and streets in Germany, the protestors hope to raise awareness of the climate emergency. Last Generation jammed traffic in Berlin in November for two hours due to their roadblocks.

Similar efforts have taken place in the Netherlands by other climate activists. In early November, Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion staged a protest in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport ahead of the COP27 climate talks in Egypt.

Protestors demonstrated against the use of private jets by blocking them and riding around the runway, much to the mirth of social media users who poked fun at police chasing protestors on bicycles.

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