Wolf cub killed in road accident in Flanders

Wolf cub killed in road accident in Flanders
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A seven-month-old wolf cub was killed in a road accident on Sunday morning in the province of Limburg, in Flanders. The cub is believed to have been part of the 'Limburg wolf pack', one of two wolf packs known to be present on Belgium soil.

The cub's death has angered many Flemish animal conservationists, who argue that the local government has not done enough to protect the area's wildlife.

"We know perfectly well where those wolves cross busy roads," Jan Loos of the Welkom Wolf conservation group told Het Belang van Limburg. "We have been asking for months to better secure these places, for example by introducing speed limits. But the Government did not listen. They are guilty of failing to act. The Flemish Government has not fulfilled its duty of care."

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Once pervasive across much of Europe, wolves were viciously hunted in the 18th and 19th centuries. They eventually became extinct in many Western European countries, including in Belgium. Wildlife conservation efforts, supported by the Habitats Directive passed by the European Union — which afforded wolves legally protected status — has led to the species' gradual return over the last few years.

In response to farmers' complaints, however, the European Parliament recently called for wolves' protective status to be downgraded to protect livestock.

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