After Proximus, Orange will now also raise prices from January

After Proximus, Orange will now also raise prices from January
Credit: Belga

Following a previous announcement by Proximus, Mobile Vikings and Scarlet, telecom operator Orange Belgium will now also raise its mobile and fixed-line prices from January 2023.

In an announcement on its website, Orange cites the current economic situation as the reason for the price increases, which will apply to the new billing period starting on or after 15 January 2023.

At the same time, the company is significantly increasing the data volume of all its mobile subscriptions, meaning clients will be able to surf "with complete peace of mind" without worrying about their data limit.

For mobile subscriptions, the price of the cheapest bundle (Go Light) will increase to €12 per month, but the data will also be upped from 2GB to 4GB. For Go Plus, the price will rise to €23 in exchange for 20GB (instead of 11GB previously).

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For customers with a mobile subscription and fixed internet ('Love'), the discount gets smaller, but there will be no change in prices. For fixed television or internet (without the Love discount), prices increase by €2 to €4 per month.

While the prices for the Love Pack Duo and Trio for mobile remain unchanged, those for internet and tv are also going up by €2 to €4 – raising the prices for the entire pack.

An overview of all new rates can be found here.

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