Brussels invests €500,000 in 'superfast' charging stations

Brussels invests €500,000 in 'superfast' charging stations
The docking station for electric cars at the Total Ruisbroek. Credit: Belga/ Nicolas Maeterlinck

In a continued effort to improve air quality in the city, the Brussels-Capital Region is investing €500,000 in 11 fast-charging projects.

In the region, there are currently some 2,700 publicly accessible charging points, six times more than by the end of 2019. Last month, the government stressed it would be boosting the roll-out of charging options, aiming for 22,000 publicly accessible electric vehicle charging points by 2035.

To strengthen the rollout of this network, the government recently launched a project called to support innovative projects with hubs or fast and ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles. A total of 11 projects were selected on the back of this, for which the region is releasing €500,000.

"Encouraging more sustainable mobility is essential to improve the air quality and health of Brussels residents. In the future, all Brussels residents should be able to move easily without polluting and without endangering their health," Alain Maron, the Minister of Climate Transition and Environment, said.

"We support these innovative fast-charging projects to ensure that residents, workers and visitors to our capital can always find a charging option that meets their needs," he added.

Supporting private initiatives

In its bid to accelerate the rollout of charging options, Brussels decided to support private players in developing their offer to ensure charging EVs would also be possible in car parks. This call was also open to taxi companies and service companies, as "the electrification of those sectors' fleets plays an important role in the Brussels Region's energy transition."

As part of this call, 11 projects have now been selected to receive financial support. These include:

  • Four charging hubs, representing a total of 116 charging points in public car parks in (Abattoir), Jette (UZ VUB) and the centre of Brussels (Poelaert and Grand Place car parks);
  • Four "super-fast" charging installations, each with four charging points, allowing standard batteries to be recharged to 80% in around ten minutes, which will be located in Auderghem, Etterbeek, Evere and Brussels;
  • Two charging points for vans and lorries; and
  • A project with 43 charging points for electric taxis

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Separate from these projects, another 1,400 charging points will be installed on the streets this year through the ChargyClick programme, managed by distribution system operator Sibelga. "Every Brussels resident will then have a charging point within 150 metres of their home," Maron said.

A map of all charging options across the region is available here.

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