Brussels' famous Fuse club to shut its doors

Brussels' famous Fuse club to shut its doors
Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Fuse nightclub will be closing its doors from Thursday onwards to protest a recent decision made by Brussels Environment over the club's closing times and sound levels – marking the first time in the techno club's 29-year history that the club will be closed.

This decision stems from an adjacent neighbour who complained about the sound emanating from the nightclub. As a result, regional authorities demanded that the venue play music at a maximum of 95 dB and close its doors at 02:00.

According to Fuse's organisers, "it is impossible to open a club under these circumstances" which is why they took the drastic decision to shut their venue for the foreseeable future.

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However, there is still a chance that Fuse will reopen, as it has appealed Brussels Environment's ruling, with a decision expected by 25 January. In any case, the club's organisers stated that they are "willing to work together constructively to find a solution."

State Secretary for Urban Development Pascal Smet, who is also responsible for Youth within the Dutch Community Commission (VGC) took to Twitter to protest the closure of the nightclub, stating "nightlife is an essential part of city life."

"We cannot let this Brussels icon die. Everyone must take responsibility and be constructive to find a solution."

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