Carrefour freezes prices on 100 products for next 100 days

Carrefour freezes prices on 100 products for next 100 days
Credit: Belga / Laurie Dieffembacq

From 18 January until Friday 28 April – 100 days – 100 private-label products on Carrefour shelves will not increase in price, the French supermarket chain announced in a press release. The previous edition of the promotion ended Monday, after running 133 days (6 September to 17 January).

The campaign is part of the larger "Purchasing Power Actions" campaign which includes other promotions, such as hundreds of products for under €1. The initiative aims to provide relief to people struggling with the cost of living crisis and "enable customers to continue day-to-day activities without restrictions", the supermarket stated in a press release.

Some products from the previous edition remain on the 100-list whilst new items include various fruits, vegetables, bread and personal care products.

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Aurélie Gerth, spokesperson of the chain admitted that it is possible that the cost of some items increased between the two actions. "We try to guarantee the lowest price for customers. But if suppliers are forced to increase prices, we have to follow suit. It is forbidden by law to sell at a loss."

Simultaneously, Carrefour is launching a scheme where customers can buy five pieces of fruit and vegetables for less than €1, calling it "A concrete action to strengthen purchasing power while encouraging healthy eating."

Gerth also warned that it will not be possible to find all 100 products online and in all supermarkets due to a difference in supply. "Consumers who want to find all 100 products are best off going to a hypermarket."

Maximising budgets

While promotions, sales and 2-for-1 deals are great for saving a few euros here and there (if you don't get caught in the trap of buying what you don't need because it's cheaper), there are other ways to cut grocery costs.

A weekly meal plan can help avoid unnecessary spending on food and lower the risk of discarding unused food that has gone bad. In particular, recipes that use the leftover ingredients from previous meals are effective. Something as simple as a shopping list that you stick to can also prevent overspending.

Most supermarkets list their promotions online, allowing consumers to check beforehand for the best value. Advance planning to compare and contrast sites can help make the best decision for you and your budget.

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