French-speaking secondary schools open pupil registration

French-speaking secondary schools open pupil registration
Credit: Thomas Michiels/Belga.

Parents will be able to enlist their children into French-speaking secondary schools from Monday 6 February. They will have until 10 March to register, a deadline set by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Parents should have received the registration form to enrol their children in recent weeks. They are allowed to put a total of 10 schools on their form, ranked in order of preference. Approximately 50,000 pupils should be able to find a place for the 2023-2024 school year.

However, the selection criteria has undergone some slight changes, the effects of which might be felt for this year's registration period. Still based on a composite index of various factors, the number of relevant criteria has increased from seven to eight.

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Most importantly, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation has now decided that the distance between a pupil's house and their primary school will hold less weight than the distance between their home and preferred secondary school.

Furthermore, secondary schools that have failed to fill spaces in the past three years will be allowed to immediately enrol pupils themselves.

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