Végasme in Brussels voted best Belgian vegan shop

Végasme in Brussels voted best Belgian vegan shop
Credit: Végasme/Facebook

The grocery store and caterer 'Végasme' in the Brussels municipality of Ixelles has been voted the best vegan shop in Belgium in the eighth edition of the Vegan Awards on Monday evening.

With the annual Vegan Awards, the BE Vegan association aims to give the spotlight on initiatives that made an important contribution to the Belgian vegan offer. The awards are presented in 12 categories, covering vegan brands, catering and books.

"The number of eateries that offer meals without animal ingredients has increased sharply in the past year," said BE Vegan. In 2022, the organisation issued 79 vegan-friendly stickers, compared to 54 the year before.

The winning Végasme store, located on Chaussée de Waterloo, aims to offer a "unique range of products for vegans and vegetarians so that every customer can buy food in accordance with their lifestyle."

On its website, manager Natacha explains that she has been a vegetarian for 10 years and a vegan for five years, and has had to experience firsthand how difficult it is for vegans to gather ingredients without animal products every day.

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By opening the store, Natacha wanted to help vegans, but also vegetarians and people with gluten intolerance in that search, by collecting a wide range of natural and organic foods in one place. In addition to soup, (vegan) cheese, meat substitutes and vegetables, the store also offers vegan clothing, household products, nutritional supplements and pet food.

In the fast food category, the Brussels café located in the Marolles 'The Judgy Vegan' received a notable mention as the runner-up, while the Antwerp Frituur Chips finished in first place.

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