Europe's Indian oil imports reported to be coming from Russia

Europe's Indian oil imports reported to be coming from Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Credit: Russia's Presidential Press and Information Office/Wikimedia Commons.

European oil imports from India have doubled since the EU placed an embargo on Russia following the war in Ukraine, however, Indian companies have increased their imports of Russian oil, La Libre reports.

The European continent has turned to Indian oil conglomerate Reliance Industries to replenish their depleting oil supplies, with the company's exports of diesel and paraffin to European countries having risen by 82% since the EU halted Russian imports.

However, with the Kremlin offering discounts to any country willing to import their oil, Russia has become Reliance's biggest supplier, despite having never previously imported Russian oil until the onset of the war in Ukraine.

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Jay Maroo, an expert on such topics, told La Libre that "the characteristics of oil from the Russian region of the Urals are not very different from Iraqi oil," implying that the company's decision to import Russian oil was purely out of profit.

As a result, questions will now arise over how effective Europe's attempts to no longer depend on Russia have been, with another report recently revealing that the continent had continued to import large amounts of Russian gas.

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