Hundreds demonstrate in Brussels demanding regularisation of undocumented migrants

Hundreds demonstrate in Brussels demanding regularisation of undocumented migrants
Credit: Belga

Around 400 people demonstrated for the regularisation of undocumented migrants on Sunday afternoon in Brussels.

The demonstration was organised by several organisations with the support of the Socialist and Christian trade unions.

In 2022, over 35,000 people signed the IN MY NAME petition which urged for a clearly defined process for regularisation.

“It is now up to the politicians to take their responsibilities,” protestors said.

The demonstration comes after hundreds of refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and homeless people have spent months in difficult squatting conditions on Rue des Palais in Schaerbeek.

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The eviction from this property was poorly planned according to many demonstrators, and led to some 200 people subsequently staying for weeks in tents on the canal in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

“The current asylum and migration policy in Belgium is undignified,” protesters said.

“It is total chaos. We have had enough, the asylum and migration policy must be humanised so that the government services in charge of it can work towards the integration of undocumented migrants and their participation in society. Parliamentarians and the government must put into practice what Belgians want with this bill: an inclusive asylum and migration policy to achieve a society based on freedom, equality, solidarity, diversity and justice.”

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