Belgian football association CEO fired for raising his own salary without approval

Belgian football association CEO fired for raising his own salary without approval
KBVB URBSFA CEO Peter Bossaert pictured during a press conference. Credit: Belga / Laurie Dieffembacq

Belgian football's leading body the RBFA fired its CEO Peter Bossaert, who had been at its head since 2018. He is accused of having increased his salary last year without the prior approval of fellow board members.

The RBFA's board held a crisis meeting on Wednesday evening to decide whether Bossaert's salary rise complied with the organisation's internal rules. According to Le Soir, alarm bells were originally raised by the RBFA's President Paul Van den Bulck, who was said to be furious with Bossaert and his actions.

Van den Bulck hired a law firm to conduct an audit on the matter. It found that Bossaert's new contract had "violated (the RBFA's) code of ethics" and was "contrary to their internal law and regulations."

The RBFA's recently fired CEO Peter Bossaert. Credit: Belga / Bruno Fahy

The organisation's legal service had contested the audit's findings, which led to an internal battle between Bossaert and Van den Bulck.

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In the end, the board sided with Van den Bulck and terminated Bossaert's contract "with immediate effect" and will lead the search for a new CEO.

This represents another change forced upon the FA, having already spent several months shaking up their on-pitch personnel. Just this year, they have already appointed the German-Italian Domenico Tedesco and Belgian football stalwart Frank Vercauteren as the Red Devils' new head coach and technical director.

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