Africa Museum's 125th anniversary to focus on decolonisation

Africa Museum's 125th anniversary to focus on decolonisation
Credit: Belga

The Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren is celebrating its 125th anniversary until the end of December. This year also marks five years since its grand reopening after a lengthy renovation, and an array of activities is being organised to celebrate.

The '125/5' project will host a variety of activities, with the central theme being decolonisation; with the exhibition, the museum wants to reflect on its past, present and future.

One of the workshops on decolonising the AfricaMuseum will be organised by BAMKO, a feminist collective working against racism. A show will also be provided by Cécile Djunga, a Belgian comedian with Congolese roots who will discuss her first trip to Africa.

There will be workshops on the impact of colonisation on modern society, organised by the Flemish-African house in Anderlecht, Kuumba. The activities will take place from May to December this year, at both the AfricaMuseum and other locations in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia.

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Every last Sunday of the month, the museum will offer guided tours focusing on current affairs surrounding the colonial past and racism, in collaboration with various partners of the African diaspora.

The museum began as a temporary exhibition in 1897, exhibiting more than 200 enslaved Congolese people in recreated villages. Seven of them died.

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