Koekelberg car chase driver hands himself over to police

Koekelberg car chase driver hands himself over to police
The Charleroi police were chasing a Audi car driving too fast in Gilly, when the car crashed. Credit: Belga.

A driver who sparked a high-speed car chase as he attempted to evade a police control in a northern Brussels municipality handed himself over to the police on Tuesday.

Following an intense car chase on Monday afternoon in which several police motorbikes opened fire on the fleeing driver, the suspect decided to hand himself over to the police the following morning, according to Belgian media.

The suspect is reportedly known to authorities for previous unspecified offences and the vehicle he was driving had stolen licence plates, a police spokesperson told the press.

The car chase began when the driver ran a stop signal in the municipality of Koekelberg, and then drove away as a police officer attempted to carry out a check.

During the chase, the driver found himself at a dead-end street from which he backed out, hitting one officer on his way out.

The driver managed to elude the officers' fire as he drove south on Rue Omer Lépreux towards the neighbouring municipality of Molenbeek, where his vehicle was found.

After reviewing security footage, police found that the man had left his vehicle behind in the Osseghem metro station and continued his escape by foot, trying to hide out inside apartment parking lots.

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