Another record temperature recorded in Brussels on Sunday

Another record temperature recorded in Brussels on Sunday
Ice cream might be a wise choice. Credit: Flickr/saragoldsmith

Temperatures peaked at 16.4° C on Sunday in Uccle, setting a new record for a 16 February, meteorologist David Dehenauw published on his Twitter account.

This news comes alongside reports that Belgium has become systematically warmer and winters gradually drier from the 17th century, according to research by the VUB research group Analytical, Environmental and Geochemistry (AMGC).

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The previous record for a 16 February was 16.2° C in 2007, according to the MRI meteorologist. This is the latest in many similar reports of increasingly warm days in Belgium, with summer 2019 repeatedly breaking records. 

Winds of up to 108 km/h were also recorded on Sunday in Uccle and Stabroek, and up to over 100 km/h around the country, due to Storm Dennis.

Increasing Temperatures

The next five years could be the warmest ever recorded, according to a British weather service. The Met Office says there is a risk the average temperature on Earth could rise by 1.5°C by 2024. 

The service added that the temperature would be 1.06°C to 1.62°C higher than normal every year between 2020 and 2024 in their forecast for the next ten years. 

“The latest forecasts for the next five years suggest temperatures will continue to go up, in accordance with higher levels of greenhouse gases,” said forecaster Doug Smith. 

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