Coronavirus: bars and restaurants shut down

Coronavirus: bars and restaurants shut down
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On Saturday, Belgium begins a period that will be long remembered. During at least three weeks, bars, restaurants, schools and other places drawing social gatherings will be closed until 3 April.

No more beer at the bar, no steak in the restaurant, and no cocktail on the dance floor. Only the fries remain, but just as take away. 

Shops selling nonessential products will be closed during the weekends. Only those that offer food or vital services, such as pharmacies, will remain open on weekends.

Supermarkets were literally stormed these past two days despite repeated announcements that such a behaviour is unnecessary.

Hairstylists also may receive clients, but only by appointment. All entertainment, cultural or sports activities are stopped. 

Hospitals have triggered the emergency plan which implies the prohibition of visits. 

As of Monday, school classes will also be suspended, but students will still be welcomed on the premises.

Kindergardens will remain open.

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