Coronavirus: Peak expected 'in the coming weeks'

Coronavirus: Peak expected 'in the coming weeks'
Belgium has not yet reached its epidemic peak, according to André. Credit: Belga

The new coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic is still in its climbing phase in Belgium, as the peak of the outbreak is only expected "in the coming weeks."

"Taking into account the commitment of the entire population to comply with the measures" the peak is expected "in the coming weeks, around the beginning of April," according to the models the experts are following, said Emmanuel André from the coronavirus reference laboratory in Leuven, on Thursday during a press conference.

It is still too early to take a position on measures, such as reopening the schools after Easter, according to Benoît Ramacker, a spokesperson for the National Crisis Centre.

"It is more important than ever to respect the measures in force," he said, "at the risk of having to prolong them. (...) If they are not respected in a spirit of solidarity, they may last much longer."

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The Crisis Centre and the FPS Public Health call on all Belgians to continue the efforts they have been making for two about weeks now.

Additionally, it is important that "everyone finds their routine in this difficult situation," Ramacker said. "We ask people who are ill to stay at home entirely, and to wear a mask," added André.

André also said that antibiotics do not work against viral infections.

Maïthé Chini

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