Parents fear infection at school more than learning delay

Parents fear infection at school more than learning delay
The European School Campus in Laeken, one of six in Brussels. Credit: European School in Laeken

Anxiety about being infected with the coronavirus takes precedence over the fear of a learning delay, according to a new survey of 800 parents published on Wednesday.

At least 54.2% of Belgian parents think it is not safe for children to return to school from 18 May, according to the study conducted by iVox last week, quoted in Het Laatste Nieuws.

The concern is greater among French-speaking respondents (69.9%) than among Dutch-speaking respondents (38.6%). This difference is noticeable, to a lesser extent, with regard to concern about a learning delay. This concern concerns 48.4% of Walloons, compared to 33.9% of Flemish respondents, the Belgian average being 40%.

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In April, the National Security Council decided that in primary schools, the first, second and last grades could go back to school from Friday 15 May. For secondary schools, the last grade is also set to restart.

The latest meeting of the National Security Council, which started at 9:00 AM on Tuesday is expected to provide more clarity on the rules surrounding back to school. If the evolution of the virus allows it, schools will gradually reopen.

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