Coronavirus: Flemish town organises marriages in open air

Coronavirus: Flemish town organises marriages in open air
Credit: Jason Hutchens (CC BY 2.0)

The town of Sint-Kathelijne-Waver, in the Antwerp province, is organising marriages in the open air, as the chances of spreading the new coronavirus (Covid-19) are smaller outdoors.

If the weather permits it, civil weddings will take place in the courtyard of Sint-Katelijne-Waver's town hall, according to mayor Kristof Sels. However, some precautionary measures still have to be taken.

The social distance of 1.5 metres has to be respected at all time, and everyone has to disinfect their hands. Additionally, a maximum of 25 guests may attend the ceremony.

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"Marriages usually take place in spring or summer anyway, and it's nice to be able to hold them outdoors," said Sels on Radio 2. "We had been entertaining the idea of marriages taking place outdoors for some time, but with the coronavirus crisis, everything has gained momentum. We will probably continue to do it in the future, if the weather permits," he added.

Organising a reception or a party afterwards is still not allowed, according to the measures announced by Belgium's National Security Council.

However, weddings in the summer are still being cancelled en masse because of the lack of perspective, and the sector called for clarity, “even if it is negative,” as early as April, after it saw its earnings for March, April and May disappear, according to Cynthia De Clercq of HL Belgium, the professional organisation of wedding suppliers in Belgium.

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